Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick Update + A WEIGHT LOSS GOAL!

Hey friends, Happy Thursday!

There's been so many life changes the past month that I can't even find how to begin catching you up.

I'm deciding to not disclose details just now, but hopefully when things become a bit more concrete in my life (ummm NEVER?! haha) then I will begin to share little details of my life with you :)

A quick update on my last post, which was now over two months ago:

I truly feel that I have a better grasp on procrastination! PRAISE JESUS!!! I'm not perfect, and I still procrastinate. I'm sad to say that, as one my my "addictions" in life, I'll always be battling procrastination. But, I can truly say that I don't feel the chains of addiction wrapping me up and keeping me stagnant in life.

Here's a few things that changed about my routine:


The single most freeing moment of my social life (I also deleted twitter months ago, so my only social media distractions are the ones I truly enjoy and don't get negative energy from-Pinterest and Instagram).
TIP: Have you ever tried to deactivate your Facebook account, only to learn that reactivating your account is as easy as logging back in? Try this: after deactivating your account, hand over your username and password to a trusted comrade-husband, best friend, mom, boyfriend, etc.-and ask them to change your password, so that you can't log back in the second that Facebook urge comes back! I promise that urge will attack about two days in to your deactivation.

2. I created a morning and nighttime routine-and stuck to it!

I use the word "create" loosely, because this process actually came very naturally to me, based on the hygeine I choose to focus on + what makes me feel relaxed! I'm planning future blog posts around these two topics as they have always been near and dear to my heart, but after I stuck to a routine EVERY day I found I had more discipline in my life! I wake up with purpose, and I go to bed with purpose too-probably the most underrated life change you can achieve.

3. I read my Bible every day

Something that really held me back in life was the fact that I wasn't constantly hearing God's voice speak over my life, and I held myself back even more by listening to the enemy's lies that I had to dedicate HUGE amounts of time in reading and prayer every day! Of course that is something that I am working toward in life, because this lifestyle will create in my soul joy and hope and encouragement from the Lord. The problem is that I was intimidated by the thought that I had to spend copious amounts of time out of my day meditating, when this is not the realistic case. I read 4-5 selected verses from the bible every evening and reflect on those, listening to what God is speaking to me through those words. It's ok that you don't have 3 hours every day to commit to the Lord, he knows your life and your heart! Strive to constantly listen to the Spirit and allow Him to influence your life, but don't be hindered from God's word because you don't think you have enough time, because I promise that you do!

I hope you've been encouraged by these words and your addiction journey has been successful! Please don't lose heart if you're not where you want to be in your self-control, because this is a life-long journey. Be diligent in self-control, but also in self-giving grace :)

O.K., moving on to a quick announcement: I'M GOING TO EUROPE FOR OVER A MONTH IN JUNE!!!!! 

I can't contain my excitement, not one bit.

I'll be traveling across Italy for about 3 weeks with a study abroad group from KU, and then meeting mom, dad and friends in Paris for about 12 days (EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!)

It's been almost 7 years since I've been out of the country, and that's 7 years too long.
Something I haven't discussed much on my blog yet is my love for travel. You guys, it's serious. I hope to live abroad for a period of time in my younger years, because why not?! But more on this in later blog posts. This is becoming such a mashup of random updates, SORRY!

And my last update is this: I'm starting a weight loss goal TODAY!

WWHHAAAATTTTTT??? Yep! Something exciting MIGHT be happening in June 2016, and I am ready to prepare for it!

In full disclosure, I am at 24.8 Body Mass Index, which is 0.2 shy of "overweight". I know it's just a number, but it's something that I feel is a great indicator of (generally) how healthy your body is.

So my goal is to be at 21.3 BMI in 15 months (healthy is between 18-24.9), which requires losing 1.5 pounds a month! That is TOTALLY doable! And guess what? If I only lower my BMI by 1 point (instead of by 3.5) I will be THRILLED!!! This isn't about being disappointed if I don't reach my goal, it's about being healthier tomorrow than I am today.

Here's a few diet changes I'll be making:

- Less meat + dairy
- More vegetables
- Less carbohydrates
- Less sodium

That was a lot of LESS and not a lot of MORE, but my plan is to be following a partial vegan diet, while still eating LOTS of seafood (my favorite)! Think vegan lifestyle meets mediterranean lifestyle, which is my preferred taste of lifestyle diets anyway!

I'll be documenting my ENTIRE journey on my blog, and I hope that this can be a further encouragement in your holistic lifestyle! I love you guys so much, and I want you to experience happiness in every aspect of your life, not just in physical appearance or spiritual life, but internal health, career success, traveling goals.....EVERYTHING! We can do this you guys!


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