Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Wedding Weekend

Happy Thursday, lovely! Thanks for finding my baby blog!

I hope this post finds you well, and happy, and full of peace. I'm currently at my favorite coffee shop in Lawrence relaxing, pondering my week, and planning for my future. Isn't it fun to just sit and absorb for a moment? I'm so grateful God has placed me into this season of reflection.

[Signs of Life, Lawrence, KS]

Forgive my tardiness with my blog updates! As it always seems to become, life was crazy this past week, and  I just can't wait to share with you how amazing it truly was.

First things first-my BEST FRIEND got married this weekend! I am a happy person, generally speaking, but I haven't felt joy like I did at Taylor and Ethan's wedding in a long time.
I have had the pleasure of watching this couple through their entire relationship since before they started dating, and it is truly an amazing love story full of God's favor.

Check them out below-how beautiful is Taylor? She was simply breathtaking.
I went a little vscocam crazy. Forgive me.

Taylor and Ethan's personal vows were simply beautiful. I have known Taylor for seven years now, and since we were 14 we would have sleepovers and talk for hours snuggling in bed about "our perfect man," and above all else Taylor asked God for a man full strength in and of love for Jesus. When Ethan promised Taylor to be all these things in front of 200 people I cried, because I realized that God answered every prayer she asked for in her young heart. I'm tearing up now just thinking about how much God has favored their relationship! I am truly in awe of God's love for us.

Justin and I had just the most amazing time at the wedding! I was a little nervous because we have never gone dancing together before, and that can be kind of awkward right? WRONG! Holy cow, Justin is a dancing machine. What an amazing surprise, because I love to dance! :)

[Taylor will love this picture, because we are bathed in pink light-Taylor's favorite color, and obviously, the wedding color of choice! :) ]

This was a weekend I will never, ever forget. I'm thankful for every friend I've come to know in my life, past and present, but I know that Taylor will be a friend in Christ who will love me until the end of my days. Our God is so wonderful that he gives us gifts in loving friends, isn't He?

Until next time, friend!

Love and Hugs,
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