Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Girl Who Cried 'I'm Back'

Hey y'all, I'm back!
I'm claiming this every few months, and I'm so sorry about that. Forgive me, please?

School, as always, kicked my butt this semester. Can I get an "amen" from all the ladies who are ready to be working women?!

Here's some updates on the past few months:
- Justin and I celebrated one year of dating! (this happened October 8th so I'm a bit behind, as I'm constantly writing on this poor blog.)

- After seven months of hunting, I finally scored a DREAM part-time job at DriverDo in Lawrence! I can't brag on this little business enough. Awesome owner, awesome co-workers, awesome schedule, awesome work's just plain awesome. God blessed me in so many ways with this job.

Sadly, I'm finding myself stuck right here. I PROMISE I've done more than just this the past four months!! But alas, maybe on paper our lives are more boring than they are in reality :)

Changing tunes quickly-I'm embarking on a two week Christmas Blog Challenge!
This is a personal challenge, but I hope that if you blog you will join me. Any takers? :)

Here's the deal:
From December 20th-January 3rd (the dates I'm "officially" on Christmas Vacation) I challenge myself to blog every. single. day.
For a girl who posts regularly every two months, this is a BIG deal. But it's high time to give this blog some love!

Some topics I'll be covering:
- Traveling (and surviving) over the holidays
- My accutane update (remember that?)
- My respect for small business
- Attempting the great work-life balance
- Peace and Patience in the Waiting
- Why I love Self-Help Books

...and so much more! Because I still have to double this list...yikes!
I can do this.
I can do this.

Anyway, I'm SO excited to begin this journey! Grab your laptop, your beloved journal and favorite warm drink and hop on this joyful blog-train.

Good luck on your finals, dear student friends!
And to everyone else not in school, good luck on your end-of-year tasks!
I hope 2014 has been memorable and blessed, and will be cherished by you as a year of growth, change, and beauty.
But hey, I'm getting ahead of myself! We still have two weeks of coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ, and our blogs! Who ever thought those two things could mesh so well?

Hugs and Love,

P.S. I am SO sorry about the quality of some images on my blog! I get really lazy about capturing life through photos, and when I do it's typically with my phone or Instagram. Whoops. I think I'll get better at this..? :)
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