Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Blog Challenge Fail-and How To Recover

Out of fourteen days of daily blog challenges, I managed to get three posts. 
It's obvious that I failed this blog challenge.

But instead of being upset, I'm going to learn from it! 

I've come to realize (through Alex Beadon - if you are interested in small business PLEASE check this chick out-she is a GENIUS and I've learned so much from her!) that blogging is supposed to be an uplifting, fun, enjoyable experience. 

When you feel guilty about not blogging, you're doing it WRONG. 
(did you know you could do blogging wrong? if it's a negative experience, then please - for your health, and those around you - understand that this is not good blogging.)

If you have a blog and you're frustrated with it, just walk away. Not indefinitely, but for a while-however long it takes you to feel positive about your blogging again. 

And if you have a blog but are a BUSY person (hello to everyone on the planet) then don't feel guilty when you don't get to a post! But don't give up either. When you find a spare minute like I have at 3:45 on a Sunday afternoon, sit down and write out a quick note. No one has to see it, and you don't have to put a ton of thought into it.

Blogging is an exercise of your mind and your commitment to a project. It's ok if you can't commit to daily posts, but if you can commit to loving on your blog whenever you can, then that is good enough. (There is NOTHING wrong with being good enough, sometimes.) Eventually it will grow into a small community, or more time will suddenly pop up where you can give more effort to your blog, and then you will be happy that you don't have to start the whole process-you've already been posting whenever you can! 

Don't forget about your sweet blog-it shows your heart on the internet, a place that can often be heartless.

Happy 2015, friends. Here's to blogging when we can-and being proud of it, no matter how big or small!

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