Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quick Update + A WEIGHT LOSS GOAL!

Hey friends, Happy Thursday!

There's been so many life changes the past month that I can't even find how to begin catching you up.

I'm deciding to not disclose details just now, but hopefully when things become a bit more concrete in my life (ummm NEVER?! haha) then I will begin to share little details of my life with you :)

A quick update on my last post, which was now over two months ago:

I truly feel that I have a better grasp on procrastination! PRAISE JESUS!!! I'm not perfect, and I still procrastinate. I'm sad to say that, as one my my "addictions" in life, I'll always be battling procrastination. But, I can truly say that I don't feel the chains of addiction wrapping me up and keeping me stagnant in life.

Here's a few things that changed about my routine:


The single most freeing moment of my social life (I also deleted twitter months ago, so my only social media distractions are the ones I truly enjoy and don't get negative energy from-Pinterest and Instagram).
TIP: Have you ever tried to deactivate your Facebook account, only to learn that reactivating your account is as easy as logging back in? Try this: after deactivating your account, hand over your username and password to a trusted comrade-husband, best friend, mom, boyfriend, etc.-and ask them to change your password, so that you can't log back in the second that Facebook urge comes back! I promise that urge will attack about two days in to your deactivation.

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