Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Releasing Self-Inflicted Pressure

HEY Loves!

I hope this blog post finds you well.

This is going to be a short and sweet reminder to you, my sweet blog friends. I do sincerely hope that you can use this little suggestion on a daily basis.

I'm (still) battling the slow struggle that is getting over procrastination (once I figure this out friends, I will share-I know I'm not the only one on the strug with this ever-frustrating problem) and I bought a book called Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George that I have to share a thought from.

This book has allowed me to take off all the pressure I am putting on myself because of me feelings of procrastination, and that exact statement was this:

"God's word is ALWAYS a good use of your time - you NEVER have to worry about wasting your time if it's being spent reading God's good and useful and helpful word."

Do you know how much stress that statement released for me friends? SO MUCH! 

I am here to release you from feeling like you don't have time to read your bible in the morning, or pray to God when you're feeling stressed, or take that 30 minute break with your friend who will build you back up again with God's word. YOU ARE FREE to do that! And in fact, you should do that! 

God loves when you dwell in His word, because that is Him speaking directly to you. And guess what friends? It may seem obvious, but God has ALL the answers! And when you're feeling stressed, diving in to his word will allow God himself to whisper to you, telling you it's going to be ok, and that he loves you forever, and that this 10 page paper does not define who you are. 

So don't be fearful of your God time friends.  Embrace it and cherish it, and allow it to release all your stress and fear.

You will always be stronger than you think you are.
Love and hugs,
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