Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Rehab (CC Day One)

Ack! I missed day one of MY OWN blog challenge!! Whoops. In my defense, yesterday was full of traveling and spending the last day of 2014 I'd get with Justin (now THAT is weird!). I'll make it up with two blog posts today.

I've always seen Christmas Break as a time to escape, relax, spend time with the ones I love. Thinking about this yesterday, I realized this sounds exactly like rehab. You go away for two weeks and come back rejuvenated. I'm TOTALLY down for that!

I know that the Holidays come and everyone is stressed from the new year, from work and school, from family, from name it, someone's feeling it. So I'm challenging you to retreat from your stress this Christmas Break, whether you have one day or one month free from obligations, and really de-stress. Here are some of my tips:

1. Avoid technology like the plague
I almost left my laptop in Lawrence before remembering that I'm doing the blog challenge! I am, however, traveling with as little technology as I could muster-my laptop and my phone-and I'm intentionally leaving them in my room, out of site, so I'm not constantly checking facebook/instagram/Frozen Freefall.

2. DON'T avoid your family like the plague
These people love you unconditionally, and that is rare to come by. And just a reminder that family comes in many different forms! Don't limit it to your mom and dad.

3. Pick up a calming hobby
Mine is knitting-the ultimate grandma hobby. Movies are kind of a big deal with my family, and especially Christmas movies, so when we are watching in the evenings I'll grab my knitting while we are watching.

I JUST got the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings delivered on Friday and I couldn't be more stoked about it!! Nothing is a better escape than actually diving into another world for a few hours.

5. Meditate and Pray
I try to spend every morning reading and writing in my prayer journal. It seems that when I am focusing on something meaningful in the morning the thoughts I generate are carried with me the entire day. Nothing makes my day better than Jesus on my mind!

6. Treat yourself
I LOVE taking care of my body with beauty treatments and routines. At mom and dad's I keep this wonderful stress-free body scrub that I not only use to exfoliate but will often just open and set out in the shower and let the wonderful scent be drawn out by my shower steam. It feels like a spa day!

Since you're on a break you have a little extra time, seriously take advantage of it to love on yourself. I can't emphasize enough that we MUST make time for ourselves to center our mind with our body again, to love ourselves, and to simply be aware of the presence of God around us. Jesus was a perfect example of this-he would consistently retreat into the mountains, to his friend's houses, and generally out of site after having been swarmed by thousands of people seeking his presence. Even the Son of God needed some rehab!

I hope you find rest this break. Please share with me in the comments below how you like to find rest and solitude in your stressful seasons-I'd love to learn from you!

Love and Hugs,

P.S. Be on the watch for the Christmas Challenge-Part Two post this evening!
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