Monday, June 9, 2014

(Almost) One Year Later...

Blog world, thanks for being patient with me!

After the school year started last fall I realized that this would be a crazy year, and needed to quickly prioritize my thoughts and schedule. Unfortunately, that led to me neglecting this new baby of a blog, which made my heart sad. This is such therapy for me to sit and pour my soul onto these digital pages, even if no one ever comes across them.

But luckily, I survived the year, and I'm BACK!
I'm so hoping this doesn't just become a "summer" blog, my dream would be that this litle blog would keep running year-long, but we will see.

I have to start with the biggest change in my life, this guy right here:

(Justin, second from left, with his sweet sisters and a random dude on their trip to Scotland. Are they not the most beautiful family you've ever seen?)

He goes by Justin, and he's the most loving, sweet, hilarious, hard-working man I know. My life has been immensely blessed and changed by him, thank you Jesus for opening my heart to a man full of God!

I just finished my junior year of college, which was by far the hardest year I've had yet. I still have two left (I'm in a five year master's of architecture program), but I'm immensely happy to be on a well-deserved break.

This summer is going to be full of bettering myself. I don't expect to magically be a better person come August, however, I do know that I'm laying a foundation of positivity over the next three months, to carry with me for the upcoming year.

To avoid a blog post that's just too long I'll be posting another one shortly of my summer goals.
Don't we all have those? And don't we all struggle with getting those accomplished?
Well NO MORE for this girl! I'm hoping this blog community will keep me accountable, and I'm hoping to get back to loving my entire self, in and out.

More on that soon :)

Love and hugs,

EDIT: I'm also going to be revamping the blog design soon! Pray for me, because I'll be trying this without a professional blog designer....
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